~Master Guitarist/Composer,
Affectionately known as the Troubadour. Also author of the book and screenplay "Song of the Troubadour"~

""A woman's heart should be so hidden in God
that a man has to seek Him just to find her"
Max Lucado

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'Affectionately known as the Troubadour' who brings Love and Light to the world in all ways through the gifts poured through his hands, Chris Madsen has been called 'Lord of the Strings' by one critic, 'Shear musical genius expressed through 6 strings, amazing' by another.

Chris's vision is that his works of art both within music and written composition of works such as "Song of the Troubadour" are designed to captivate and touch you to your core, filling you with the Love and Light you are, leaving each person refreshed and inspired. His sole purpose is to be Love and Light in all ways and to touch, move, and inspire you into being the same.

Chris's passion for composing works to express very real and honest expressions of life’s journeys is the passion that pours through him which transforms into Love and Light all whom it touches. He understands these works will be his legacy and strives to create works of art that will touch lives in powerful ways. Chris Madsen is an artist using the guitar as the medium for expressing the depth of feelings life takes us through. His works are a testimony to life’s journey, and a means of offering insights and comfort. Spiritually, Chris Madsen is an awakened being moving in Love/Light. Each moment of each day is a moment to resonate in a place of beauty and healing, a place of celebrating life.


Chris Madsen first picked up the guitar at the age of 6. Playing it came natural with three older brothers that played quite often and Chris wanting to play like them. At the age of 8, Chris got his own guitar and no longer had to borrow his brothers. Since that time his life has been largely centered on mastering the instrument.

Born in Missoula, Montana, 23 February 1954, the family moved to Las Vegas when he was 6 months old. At the age of 2, they moved to Pasadena, California, at 13 years Chris moved to Huntington Beach and a couple of years later, with one brother and his parents, they moved to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, later to Seattle, Washington. During this time there were also stints of living in the Vancouver, BC area.

At 16, Chris moved back to California and lived in Laguna Beach. Throughout these early formative years a passion developed for the guitar that motivated hours of playing the instrument each day. He played in coffeehouses, some odd street performances and whatever small gigs were available in Laguna Beach.

At 18 the final move to Canada came. Chris hitchhiked from Laguna and used his landed immigrant status to get across the border. He soon was immersed in the music scene and made a living playing small gigs etc. During this initial move to Canada he spent nearly a year in the Pemberton region living in a remote tipi on Owl Creek. Frequent trips to play in Vancouver coffeehouses etc. helped Chris sustain his need for guitar strings, axe handles, and the grocery bill. The many nights alone by the fire in the tipi was the perfect setting to hone his guitar skills even further.

At 19 Chris moved to the Vancouver region and immediately began teaching guitar and performing with his original songs. Soon after this he formed a lucrative career doing what his life passion had been all along. He is one of the fortunate few to have his passion be his career throughout his life from his teen years onward. Still to this day Chris’s motivation does not tire.

Personal life

Chris married Sue in 1977 and focused on staying in the Vancouver region to raise a family. He had 2 children during this time, Daniel and Shara. They moved to a country setting just outside of Vancouver and stayed there until 1992. During this time extensive teaching, performing, writing method books, recording original music, and studio musician work were his sources of income.

In 1992 Chris, his then wife Sue (divorced in 2003) and their 2 children moved to a country setting just North of Vernon, B.C. Canada. A love of horses was a primary reason for this spot along with other benefits the region had to offer. The Okanagan Valley is renowned for its beauty and laid back lifestyle.

Chris Madsen currently lives in Vernon, BC, Canada, yet is international in his offerings of beautiful music and the mission to raise the frequency of the planet. The music is instrumental solo guitar works, as well as, the deep soulful voice of all ages felt through his compositions. The listener is carried to far off lands. Feelings like seeing a rainbow after a storm, intimate moments, being in a garden with incredible flowers and summer breezes, and moments of spiritual awakening are felt within listening to the awe-inspiring sounds of Chris Madsen. In concert, Chris's music captivates and touches audiences to their core, filling them with the Love and Light they are, leaving each person refreshed and inspired.


Chris Madsen's music goes beyond current genre names into a realm not yet labeled. Voted as Most Advanced Guitarist by Yamaha/Toronto Conservatory in the 80’s, Chris’s album “Seagull in Flight” was the winner of the BCIMA (British Columbia Interior Music Award) in the “Instrumental Group or Artist of the Year” category in 2007. For a second time in four years, Chris is now also the winner of the 2011 BCIMA “Instrumental Recording of the Year” for his album “Song of the Troubadour”. Chris continues to astound audiences as a Master Guitarist, with a wide variety of music spanning decades in skilled artistry.

Chris taught and worked for Yamaha Education for 8 years starting in the late 1970s. He was one of the primary developers of the Yamaha method books for guitar. His extensive teaching, performing, writing method books, recording original music, and studio musician work compliment his journey of whole, perfect, and complete body and soul wellness.

The Chris Madsen Music School in Vernon currently has approximately 400 students in weekly lessons. Chris Madsen and Tim Reardon founded the Music Educators Institute (MEI) in 1995 and today MEI teaches hundreds of students music credit courses online. Distance education schools all across North America access these courses for their fine arts credits. Today it is an energetic corporation.

Chris is also the current director of the Body Soul Wellness Faire, an annual interactive gathering of lightworkers whose purpose is to connect the Body and the Soul as one, bringing knowledge and empowerment through physical and spiritual wellness. Along with all these projects, there has been a consistent effort on the part of Chris Madsen to create works of art on the guitar as well as being the author of the book and screenplay entitled "Song of the Troubadour".



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