~Master Guitarist/Composer,
Affectionately known as the Troubadour. Also author of the book and screenplay  "Song of the Troubadour"~

May Your heart be guided by love, and may your songs echo this same heart
~song of the troubadour

~Late one night in October 2007 I sat down to write a song lyric. Within moments it was as if a river beyond description was filling my being and the room itself. As quickly as I could write, the words came. Over the next few weeks "Song of the Troubadour" was born. It was given through me by the Master Artist. It is now in your hands. What is to become of it? Perhaps that is also in your hands. "song of the troubadour" is now given freely to you within your hands.
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Please feel free to enjoy what is given here freely. My life is lived in the inspired passion of creating through music & word. The purpose is to touch lives in beautiful ways. These songs and prose represent a life dedicated to expressing thoughts, images, & feelings to connect us all through the infinite web of Love and Light we are. The songs and wisdom are freely given. If you wish to in turn bring a 'thank you', I will be very grateful for your having touched my life in turn

~Chris Madsen






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